STEM Career & Networking Conference: Brochures and Name tags

I liaised with sponsors, speakers and supervisors to compile the information and graphics included in the following event program, which was designed on InDesign with elements from Illustrator. Event Program Also here are the speaker name tags, created using Illustrator. Results: Yes (92%) would recommend the event 38 Participants in its first year running Provided an … Continue reading STEM Career & Networking Conference: Brochures and Name tags


Backpack to Briefcase Career Conference

My primary role as the Faculty Engagement Outreach and Events Co-ordinator included the following event logistical and marketing duties: Liaise with Speakers: Collect their headshot and biography, collect presentation materials, communicate event details, organize parking details and schedule a time to film one-on-one interviews. Transition and monitoring of registration on Eventbrite. Experience with creating event … Continue reading Backpack to Briefcase Career Conference

Infographic Design: Will automation snatch your job?

For a third year communications course on visualization marketing techniques, I created an infographic targeting students, and career counsellors who may be interested in the future of automation. I showcase research by The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerisation?, which determines the four key traits that make a job susceptible to automation. I then … Continue reading Infographic Design: Will automation snatch your job?

Infographic Design: Surrey Flood PSA

For a third year communications class, our group assignment included a report and data visualization that would effectively communicate a message on a controversial issue. Our topic was the Surrey flood risk, advocating for more safeguards by the city and also home preparedness, this is a targeted campaign aimed at taxpayers and city council to … Continue reading Infographic Design: Surrey Flood PSA